Pests such as ants, cockroaches, termites and mosquitoes can cause significant damage to your Lewisville home. They also pose a health risk and can spread diseases. Choosing the right Pest Control in Lewisville TX is vital.

Our service professionals will perform a thorough inspection of your home and property. They will then explain their findings and provide recommendations.


Seeing an army of ants scurrying through your home is never a pleasant sight. These pesky creatures invade homes mainly in search for food and water, but may also seek shelter. Their small size makes them capable of entering through the tiniest openings, including gaps and cracks in the foundation. In addition, ants are drawn to organic materials such as dead insects, mulch, and decaying tree leaves.

Homeowners can prevent ant infestations by keeping food in airtight containers and removing ant attractants from the exterior of the home. It’s also important to clean up spilled food, crumbs, and other debris on a regular basis to deter ants from seeking refuge inside.

If a problem does occur, a local Lewisville ant control expert can provide effective solutions. Social insect control experts are trained to eliminate entire ant colonies using targeted treatments. Store-bought ant sprays offer temporary relief, but may not be sufficient to eradicate the entire colony.

In addition to Pest Control in Lewisville TX can help homeowners ward off common household pests like cockroaches, termites, rodents, and mosquitoes with comprehensive treatment plans that include ongoing monitoring and targeted solutions. Each treatment plan is backed by the Orkin Guarantee.


Cockroaches are a problem in homes and apartments alike. These nocturnal pests are adept at hiding, and it can be difficult to know when there is a problem until it’s too late. Cockroaches are insects in the superorder Dictyoptera. They have a shield-shaped section behind the head called the pronotum and long antennae.

Cockroach populations can grow quickly because they reproduce asexually. There are more than 4,600 species of cockroaches worldwide, and many of them live indoors. Some species, such as the German cockroach, can spread disease and trigger allergies in humans. They can also contaminate food and water. Cockroach faeces can carry bacteria such as E coli and salmonella, and can even linger on surfaces after the insect is gone.

There are steps that can be taken to discourage cockroaches, such as keeping the home as clean as possible. This includes prompt cleanup of spills and crumbs, storing food in tight containers, and throwing away the trash daily. Sealing cracks and crevices around the home is another step to take. It is also a good idea to regularly vacuum carpets and other surfaces. A flashlight and a mechanic’s mirror can be helpful when looking into tight spaces for signs of cockroaches. The scavenging insects will enter homes in search of food, water and shelter, so removing these items can make it harder for them to find them.


In the United States alone, termites cause over 5 billion dollars in property damage each year. These secretive pests can go unnoticed for months until they’ve already done extensive damage to your home. The best way to keep your home safe from termite damage is with regular monitoring and treatment.

Unlike ants, termites don’t live on the surface of the ground but tunnel through wood or other material. They also create tiny tubes made from soil and wood particles that they use to travel between colonies. These tubes can often be found on foundation walls, floor joists, and other places inside the home.

If you suspect that your home is infested with termites, a professional inspection will be necessary to identify the infestation and determine the most effective control methods. Integrated Pest Control in Lewisville TX programs typically include habitat modification, moisture management, removal of infested wood materials, and chemical treatments as needed.

Your Lewisville Orkin specialist will start with a thorough assessment of your home. Orkin inspectors are trained to spot even the smallest signs of pest activity, using advanced tools and training to locate hard-to-see areas where pests hide. Following the assessment, your Orkin expert will implement a treatment plan tailored to your specific pest problem. With offices all over the country, Orkin specialists are well-versed in local pests and conditions.


Mosquitoes can cause itchy, painful skin reactions to people and pets. They also carry dangerous germs like West Nile Virus and Encephalitis. Arrow Exterminators offers mosquito control services that keep these pesky pests away from your yard and out of your life.

Female mosquitoes bite humans and animals to get blood for their eggs. They use a proboscis to search for small blood vessels under the skin. When they find one, they insert the tip of their proboscis into the skin and pierce it. As the insect feeds, it injects saliva into the wound. Mosquito saliva contains an anticoagulant, which allows blood to flow freely while it feeds. It also offers passenger pathogens, such as malaria parasites and encephalitis viruses, easy access to the host’s bloodstream.

Mosquitoes breed in standing water and are most active during spring through fall when temperatures are optimal for their proliferation. During the day, they hide in and around grass, bushes, shrubs, and trees and come out after dark to bite.

You can help prevent mosquitoes from breeding on your property by draining standing water on a regular basis. This includes tires, flower pots, buckets, clogged rain gutters, and ground depressions. It’s also a good idea to regularly clean and replace outdoor trashcans and bird feeders with sanitized ones. Adding plants that act as natural mosquito repellents to your landscape is another good way to limit the number of these annoying insects on your property.